Dave McCallum

Providing a professional service for public protection training, consultancy, review and investigation in Bristol and the south west

Child Protection and Safeguarding

Domestic violence and abuse

Sexual violence

Managing risk

Strategic management

Training for practitioners


Training and awareness raising:

  • Child protection;

  • Domestic violence and abuse;

  • Forced marriage and honour based violence;

  • Criminal and disciplinary investigation of sexual violence and harassment;

  • Risk management meeting chairing skills;

  • Female genital mutilation.

  • Child sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Consultancy and review:

Independent investigation:

  • Policy and procedures;

  • Referral systems;

  • Independent management of domestic homicide reviews;

  • Child abuse investigations;

  • Serious and major crime investigation;

  • Serious case reviews in relation to both safeguarding children and MAPPA serious further offences;

  • Protection Planning;

  • Multi-agency risk management processes;

  • A safeguarding service for independent schools.


  • Child abuse

  • Abuse and wilful neglect of adults at risk

  • Sexual misconduct, violence and harassment

  • Public complaints;

  • Disciplinary allegations, particularly in further education settings

  • Fairness at work grievances;

  • Sensitive public protection allegations.


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